Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Final Count Down....

Team Coastal Cuties (minus 1 - Shelli overslept!)

Team Coastal Cuties with Trail Headz girls out on the horse trails of Fullerton 2/25/09
The website says 3 days to go. I leave for Costa Rica tomorrow. I'm finally packed; anything I've forgotten, I'll have to do without. I can't believe after all these months of training that the race is finally here. This will be the toughest, most challenging race of my brief running career. I'm totally freaked out but looking forward to whatever the race throws at me.
You can follow The Coastal Cuties' progress at www.tccadventures.com. There is also a message board you can access with the following link:
Wish me luck!

Friday, January 16, 2009

14 days to go....

Meet "The Action Packer". Everything I can possibly need for this race has to fit in this lockable 24-gal tote. Shoes, clothes, sleeping bag, towels, nutritional products, sports drinks, medical supplies... EVERYTHING must fit.

This week has been a whirlwind. A typical day: run, get boys up/dressed/fed and off to school, run or bike, go to work, pick boys up from school and help with homework, make dinner, cajole boys into eating dinner (why is it they will happily eat McDonalds' every day but won't even look at grilled salmon and veggies?), head to cub scouts/karate/rugby, deliver them home to Dad for baths and bedtime stories and run again - all interspersed with making lists, checking lists and panicking that I don't yet have everything on lists. Paying bills and cleaning house is not taking top priority right now!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Got my mojo back!

Last week was tough. I just wasn't into running. Every run was a struggle. But today I got my mojo back, especially after I ran into this guy out on the Patriot Trail in San Juan Capistrano. Someone went to a great deal of trouble hauling stuff up there to dress this guy!

I am back. I am ready for The Coastal Challenge.