Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Itchy Scratchy

Varicella-zoster virus
3 weeks before Badwater and 6 weeks before Burning River 100 (my summer 2011 goal race) I have... shingles. Itchy, scratchy red blisters that are driving me CRAZY! Clothing rubbing against it is painful so running is out for a couple of weeks until the anti-viral meds and steroid prescribed by my PCP take effect.

Great! Badwater will be O.K. BR100 will either be the best race of my life or pure hell. I'll let you know how it goes in August.

SaltStick in the Sauna

It's that time again! Badwater heat training time. I'm honored to be invited back (I obviously didn't kick his butt hard enough last year!) as part of Dan Marinsik's crew as he attempts his record breaking 9th consecutive finish!

As I sit in 180 deg heat, I've got lots of time to reflect on what's been going on this last couple of months.

Running-wise, since C2M I've
  • manned the Holy Jim aid station at Old Goat's 50
  • had a semi-decent run at Sycamore Canyon 50K
  • ran with Beiyi and Dan and friends up Lookout Mountain, CO to their wedding and then back down again in long bridesmaid dress (boy did that get strange looks from motorists, cyclists and hikers!)
  • bailed on going to Miwok 100K (Mother's Day weekend = not a wise decision to be away from kids and hubby)
  • paced Kristen at PCT 50
  • volunteered and ran 50K at Nanny Goat 12/24/100 (planned 50 mile night run but took a nap and didn't wake up!)
  • crewed and paced Larry Goddard and Devon Kiernan at SD100. Larry dropped at Pioneer Mail due to severe dehydration, Devon finished in 28:50-ish despite crippling pain in both feet.

Family-wise, wow! What a roller coaster!

  • CJ decided he just had to have a hamster to replace his hermit crab. Of course, hamsters tend to bite so Secret Agent 007 a.k.a. Hammy is now Mom's responsibility.
  • Dennis found a frog at the dojo so my little Dr Doolittle decided we had to keep him. Two weeks and dozens of crickets later, we agreed he really was miserable in his tank and let him go in the canyon behind our house.
  • The very next day, we pulled into the driveway to see a flash of yellow and green. A parakeet was being chased by a bird, it escaped the bird only to be stalked by our cat. CJ freaked out so I had to crawl under the dumpster parked next door to rescue it. I yelled for CJ to bring me a net and he came back with.... a rope. I think he thought I could lasso the bird? This was a true AFV moment, pity no one had a video camera handy!
  • I managed to scoop it into the tank previously occupied by the frog and get it into the house. It was scared and missing a few tail feathers but otherwise O.K. While Mike and CJ went canvassing the neighbors to see who was missing a parakeet (no-one), I found an old decorative bird cage and got him into it.
  • Two days later, Bird had an unfortunate accident. The cat, obviously feeling cheated out of dinner the first time, knocked the cage off the counter and Bird broke his leg in the fall. That decided it. Bird had to go. Several calls to local animal shelters and bird rescue centers were futile. They say they'll take in strays but in reality it's a different story. Mike finally packed Bird and the cage in the car and drove to San Clemente Animal Shelter. After many questions and lots of forms and signatures, Bird found a new home with the collection of various unwanted creatures living at the shelter.

So, now we're back to 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 1 hermit crab and 2 fish. The boys are presently campaigning for a snake and a lizard.....