Sunday, July 4, 2010

180 degree musings

  1. Who on earth shaves in the sauna?

  2. Co-ed saunas are gross! Women-only saunas at least smell a little better.

  3. Worst pick up line - "nice tat" (said by a 40-something shirtless guy with belly hanging out to a cute 20-something girl moments before her boyfriend walked in).

  4. The oddest people frequent 24-Hour Fitness after 9 o'clock at night.

  5. Dry saunas don't seem to get hotter than 180 degrees.

  6. Most women glisten in a lady-like manner; I have beads of sweat within 2 minutes and I'm pouring with sweat within 10 minutes.

  7. Glue doesn't hold together on magazines: Shape lasts just 8 minutes, Women's Health 10 minutes, Self 13 minutes (all June 2010 issues) and the surprising winner.... Women's Running (Jul/Aug 2010) at 16 minutes! Note: I haven't wanted to destroy my copies of Ultra Running and Trail Runner so I don't have data for them.

  8. Ice melts within minutes, iced tea becomes hot tea within 25 minutes.

  9. Pulling out a baggy of Saltstick capsules, some of which have leaked white powder, in the sauna is not advised; I had some serious explaining to do to staff members.

  10. An iPod shuffle can survive an hour in the sauna.

  11. Most people don't sit in the sauna for an hour at a time; I can do so quite comfortably.

After 4 weeks of sauna training, driving everywhere with the windows closed and heater on full blast and a trip to Palm Springs for heat training, I'm ready to crew/pace Dan Marinsik at Badwater next week. Bring it on!