Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mountain Runners....

That's the comment made by a hiker as Beiyi ran by on the trail today. Makes us sound like some kind of fierce, mountain-dwelling types! Beiyi, Maya, Kristen and I joined Lorraine Gersitz and Marisa Willment on a fun run in the San Gabriel Mountains.

We started at Chantry Flat (mile 75 of AC100) and climbed to Mt. Wilson via Upper Winter Creek Trail and Manzanita Trail.

Here I am on the trail, climbing up, up, up...

At the top of Mt. Wilson

Gorgeous views from the trail. See the snow on Mt. Baldy!

Then descend to Sturtevant Camp via Rim Trail (gnarly!) and Gabrielino Trail. Brief stop to fill water bottles and then down to Big Santa Anita Canyon via Gabrielino Trail. Finally a short hike up the paved road back to Chantry Flat. 17.5 miles of fun! What a great way to spend a Saturday!

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