Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speed Bump....

Life was going great, training was going great, I was moving full speed ahead until... I hit one of life's speed bumps.

  • Hubby lost his job
  • I tripped at work at A Snail's Pace and badly gashed/bruised my shin
  • That, along with current household financial crisis, led to me not going to Leona Divide 50-mile - I didn't need the stress or expense plus my shin still hurt like hell.
  • Everyone got sick with colds
  • I tried to work 2 jobs and be a Mom/wife, got very run down and came down with the family cold
  • I quit A Snail's Pace to work more hours at Zen Dojos Martial Arts Studio (which I love!)
  • PCT50 suffered a last minute course change and was rerouted to the SD100 course. Shelli and my plans were derailed last minute and neither of us made it to the race.

But life goes on. I believe we have two choices in such situations - sink (wallow in self-pity) or swim (figure it out). I choose to swim...

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