Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taper time!

During yesterday's run, Kristen pointed out that we only have 4 days until we head out of town for the Lake Tahoe Triple Marathon. That's right - 3 marathons in 3 days! I mean, what were we thinking?

Marathon #1 - Sep 26. Emerald Bay to Spooner Lake
Marathon #2 - Sep 27. Spooner Lake to Commons Beach, Tahoe City
Marathon #3 - Sep 28. Commons Beach, Tahoe City to Pope Beach, South Lake Tahoe

Is this how I really need to celebrate my 43rd birthday? Most Moms would stay home with their kids and do family stuff. Me, I have to attempt to run 78.6 miles over 3 days, at altitude even. Crazy! Boy, am I glad I resisted the temptation to sign for the Super Triple!

Better get on that taper thing. Oh, and as for the Super Triple.... maybe next year!


Peter Lubbers said...

So how did the Triple go? You finished, right? See you at the Super Triple next year!

TrailRunnerMom said...

Yes, I finished. Ran all three easy as I've never attempted this kind of event before and had no idea what to expect but had a great time. The runners are just terrific. Different breed. I learned so much that will help me in my ultras by just talking to everyone. If all goes well with my training and plans for The Coastal Challenge and TransRockies, I'm in for the Super Triple in 2009. See you there! Oh... and great job winning this year's Super Triple!