Monday, December 29, 2008

1st 50-miler!

The Big Cat 12-Hr Challenge 2008.... 25 times around a 2-mile loop in Huntington Beach Central Park with several of my Trail Headz friends. 50 miles somewhat leisurely finished in 9:36 but still, I finished! Not the most exciting of courses with a mix of grass, dirt and asphalt. Excitement at this race comes in the form of dodging the frisbee golfers and ducks that wander across the path. But well supported and well organized. RD Bob English and members of The Big Cat Race Team put on a fun race and their smiling faces and words of encouragement made the loops seem to fly by (well, kinda....). Maya, Shelli, Beiyi and I all ran our first 50-miler, Kristen ran 50K. Good day for The Coastal Cuties.

Shelli leads the pack.

Alexa, Rachael, Troy, Shelli, LT

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