Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun in the snow!

Beiyi and I just had to check out the snow from this week's storms so we headed to Holy Jim. Our plan was to run up Holy Jim to Main Divide, up to Santiago Peak and back. The streams were flowing fast and furious so crossing them was challenging and wet. Even more challenging were the numerous fallen trees along the trail, much different than last week at Twin Peaks but great training for The Coastal Challenge. Under, over, around - we found a way to navigate every obstacle.

As we climbed higher, the snow got deeper and the obstacles more challenging but it was so much FUN! Along the way we met hikers and crazy, crazy mountain bikers (just imagine having to carry your bike under, over and around the obstacles), all having fun too - snow at 1500ft is not something we see every winter in So. Cal.!

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